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Under Michigan law, “no-fault” divorce means that you are not required to allege or prove that your spouse is at fault in order to be divorced.  A divorce will be granted if one spouse says the marriage is permanently broken down.  This is true regardless of whether the other party wants the divorce.  Although an allegation of fault is not required in order to obtain a divorce, Michigan courts may still consider fault in deciding the division of property, spousal support, or attorney fee awards, and may also be a factor in custody and parenting time. 


As a practical matter, however, if the “fault” being alleged is an extra-marital affair, many courts will not endeavor to determine whether the affair was a symptom of a marriage already broken down or whether the affair destroyed the marriage, and will not modify an their award to compensate the non-cheating spouse.  Given that the overwhelming majority of cases end in negotiated settlement, and the court does not hold a trial, fault is generally used by attorneys as leverage in settlement negotiations. 

Connor Ferrick opened my eyes! When I finally got up the courage to file for divorce, I took the advice of my neighbor and called the Ferrick Law Firm. After my first phone call with Connor I had learned so much about the whole divorce process that I didn't know before, I knew I had to hire her. I am now divorced and will always be thankful to Connor for getting me a great settlement. I would highly recommend this firm!


Connor has been my attorney since 2008 when I filed for divorce. My ex-husband pulled every trick in the book to delay the finalization but Connor helped get the final decree. Furthermore, as my ex continues to persistently harass and drag me back into court (8 years later), Connor continues to swiftly, efficiently, professionally and successfully represent me. Connor led me through this most difficult time in my life and the never-ending legal challenges of my harassing ex-husband. She worked with me to pay my legal bills and her staff is exceptional. I cannot say enough good about Connor's legal expertise and caring attention to detail. Therefore, I have recommended her to many friends and family for a variety of family law matters.


My divorce took over a year ending in trial. My ex filed bogus motions and kept us in court almost every other week. Ms. Ferrick defended the constant attacks on me, and protected me during the process by keeping me informed and prepared for what was going on. She did everything she could to keep us from going to trial, scheduling mediations and requesting arbitration, but the ex wasn't having it. At trial Connor really shined. I saw that she retained every bit of information I had given her and used it to my advantage. This process was not fun by any means, but I was lucky to have Connor on my side to protect my rights as a mother against some awful people. She made me feel important and fought for me and I got what I deserved as a result.


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